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Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2022 – Mediterranean Brain

Bodrum Tourism Forum (2022)

Bodrum Tourism Forum, organized for the first time in order to form the basis for the future of sustainable tourism, was held on October the 14th with participation of speakers, guests and journalists from national and international level.

Bodrum, one of the most important leading destinations of the tourism in Türkiye, hosted many opinion leaders shaping the world and Mediterranean tourism at the ‘Bodrum Tourism Forum’. The forum was organized in ‘Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum’ with the cooperation of Bodrum Municipality, Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV), Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (MTF) and the ‘34th American Hospital-The Bodrum Cup’. Panels and think-tank meetings were held under the title of “Rethinking the Blue Economy.”.

In the forum, hosted by Mr. Ahmet Aras, the Mayor of Bodrum, it was aimed at achieving balanced tourism that protects the planet and at the same time increases welfare. The Forum was participated by Suat Özcan, Member of the Parliament; Gizem Sayar Özcan, the member of CHP party assembly; Osman Gürün, the Mayor of Mu?la Metropolitan Municipality; Bilgehan Bayar, the District Governer of Bodrum;  Mustafa Ünver Böke, the District Governer of Milas; Tony Zahra, the President of MHRA & MTF; Halil Karahan, the CHP Bodrum District President; tourism decision-makers, opinion leaders from European Union institutions and Mediterranean countries; chairmen of the local chambers; Süleyman Uysal, the chairman of the organizing committee of the ‘Bodrum Cup Yacht Races’; Mehmet Do?an Ferman, the General Manager of ‘Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum’; transportation experts, environmentalists, industry stakeholders and nearly 50 journalists from national and international level. 

Having spoken at the opening remarks of the forum started with the moderation of Adesewa Josh, Senior Producer and host of Africa Matters program, Süleyman Uysal, the Committee Chairman of Bodrum Cup underlined that the Bodrum Cup is not just a race, but all the beauties of Bodrum experienced in one week, and said, “Our major goal as an institution is to ensure sustainability and to unite everyone with the ‘Bodrum Cup’.”.   

“Our aim is the blue economy and sustainable tourism”

Mr. Ahmet Aras, the Mayor of Bodrum pointed out that with this forum, they offer the opportunity to bring up sustainable projects that will carry Mediterranean and Turkish tourism to the future, and said, “As Bodrum, we aim to lead the blue economy and sustainable tourism.” 

Having hosted the forum, Ahmet Aras, the Mayor of Bodrum pointed out The need of creating an opportunity region for our common future. Aras said:

“We need to make an effort to increase the resilience of the tourism sector in the world and to transform it into a sustainable one. As Bodrum, we have a great potential with our cultural values and nature. We can offer not only sea and sand, but also many opportunities such as eco tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism. The escalating climate crisis and other environmental problems are increasingly affecting the travel choices of tourists. We are trying to develop our tourism strategies in line with the realities of the Blue Economy. However, sustainable tourism is important for diversifying the local economy, addressing local development and reducing both poverty and migration for the future. Tourism is an important soft power; making very serious contributions to social and cultural development; It is a sector that contributes to peace and democracy.”

Osman Gürün: “We need to make the Mediterranean the sea of peace”

Osman Gürün, The Mayor of Mu?la Metropolitan Municipality pointed out that Mu?la has numerous touristic destinations with a coastline of 1,448 kilometers and that Bodrum is a flagship in this respect, and continued his words as follows:

“Tourism is an important movement that will positively affect peace, love and mutual understanding. As people get to know each other, they can move away from fixed ideas. It is not possible to attract tourists to the place where the fight is taking place. The important issue for this is to make the Mediterranean a sea of peace; to get to know each other’s culture and archaeological values more and to love each other more. This is the purpose of this meeting. We can create a better world for our children and future generations. You are very important actors who indirectly influence these goals.” said.