The President of Malta acts as the lead Honorary Patron of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation. The Board of Administrators tasked to execute, through the Secretariat, the operation of the Foundation consists of:

  • 5 Expert members
  • 4 Benefactor members including MHRA as defacto members. The other three posts will be elected from amongst benefactors.

The role of the MHRA in the Administrative Board not only serve to represent the Maltese Hoteliers and Restaurateurs but also acts as a bridge with HOTREC, the umbrella association in Brussels, and the International Hotels and Restaurants Association (IHRA) the umbrella association at a global level.

The role of the Advising Committee (a panel of 9 experts) is tasked to assist and support the Administrative Board in addressing specific areas which require special expertise and networking.

Every sub forum is lead by an Action Group presided by a Chairman and supervised by not more than 15 members. Each Action Group has the mandate to create working groups addressing specific horizontal themes in relation to Mediterranean Tourism or/and work with established organisations with a view to achieve the MTF vision and objectives.

The Mediterranean Institute for Tourism Studies (MITS) is lead by a governing body and managed by Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).  It’s main campus is in Malta with satellite campuses in Italy and France. MITS is also supported by HVS and spearheads a network of tourism institutes with an interest in Mediterranean tourism studies.

The Events section is also led by an Action Group and presided by a Chairperson and is tasked to spearhead events and activities through regional cooperation projects.